Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Planning to lose weight?

Why not start right now?

Are you already telling yourself that you'll start your diet in the New Year?

Have you already planned to lose weight after Christmas?

Why not start now?

Of course there are going to be days when you eat a little bit (!) more than normal - and maybe drink a little bit (!) more too!

But it's not what you do occasionally that puts on the pounds - it's what you do every day. Now assuming that your partying isn't going to be that extreme how about eating really healthily, even maybe a little less than normally on your non-party days. Maybe even doing a bit more exercise on those days - allowing your weekly calorie intake and burning to balance out?

So stick to the plain cereals for breakfast, salads for lunch and healthy evening meals when you can - and don't worry about the excess (well, don't go mad obviously!!!)

You may even find you don't put on any weight over Christmas - you might even lose a bit!! - Now how would that feel?

Of course, if you need some help you know where I am ...

And don't be stressed this Christmas - breathe, chill out, relax!

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