Tuesday, 10 November 2009

November already! Freedom!

So I seem to have missed October completely!

As I've said before, people who write blogs every day obviously have nothing else to do! But I am now going to be using my blog a lot more....because I'm ready to share with my readers lots of interesting information, tips, techniques and, most importantly THINGS THAT WORK!

Just about everyone I speak to could do with a bit more money. Some people feel they can't afford to come and see me because they put their health and well being too far down their list of priorities. Now I could help these people by cutting my prices or giving discounts but that wouldn't help me - and it wouldn't really help them! Why should I earn less money because you spent your on cigarettes or booze? Of course I do give discounts and special offers - but I like to do that for people with depression and stress or debilitating phobia. I would prefer to help everyone else by passing on the ways that I've learned to attract money.

So why would anyone want more money? We really want money so that we can buy things, and do things and have things that we wouldn't be able to buy, have and do if we didn't have that money! Money is just the tool. What money really brings us is freedom!

Here's an example. Let's take someone who want to stop smoking. (That may be you?!) The first question I ask them is WHY do you wan to stop smoking? Now most people will talk about their health, or their kids, or the horrible smell. Many will say because it's costing them a fortune! For example, if you're 50 and smoke 20 a day and stop today, by the time you retire you'll have £30,000 in the bank EXTRA. I don't even want you to think about the £50,000 or more you'd have right now if you hadn't started smoking in your teens!

If you want to stop smoking because of the money then you absolutely HAVE TO have something that you want to do with that money that is MORE IMPORTANT than smoking.

If you're not a smoker maybe you're thinking that this doesn't apply to you. But if you want to lose weight you'll save money (chocolate and take-ways and crisps and wine are the expensive stuff you can cut down or out).

If you're stressed or have a phobia it's not maybe about money - but about TIME. How much time are you wasting of your precious, one and only, life?

So, here's what I believe. We all want freedom. Freedom to work or not. Freedom to buy nice things. Freedom to give to others our time and money. Freedom to do what we want to do.

So I'd like to share with you what I've been spending my "spare" time doing this week.

I have been reading a great new book by a guy called Joe Vitale. It's called Attract Money Now and you can get it, absolutely free. This man so wants you to be wealthier - and free - that he's giving the book away. And I want that for you too! So go and download the book. Then read it. Then DO WHAT IT SAYS it's free at www.attractmoneynow.com