Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentie's Day Gifts

Have you got her anything yet?
Are you struggling to get him something he'll actually like?

How much do you now about your partner (or partner-to-be)!

In NLP we talk about people being more visual or more auditory or more kinesthetic.  Of course we generalise, no one is just one or the other!  But just knowing which way your partner favours will help you choose the perfect gift!

Have you ever bought what you thought was the perfect gift - and got it completely wrong?  Maybe you based the choice on your preference, not your partner's!

Does she like to look good, is she maybe artistic and creative? Then she'll love flowers or a piece of jewellery - you could book her into a salon to get her nails done - something that she can look at will make her feel good. 

Or is she more into comfort and keeping warm? Then she's more likely to appreciate a massage at the beauty salon - or a DVD box set of her favourite show.  This lady will appreciate a hug as much as the words "I love you".   Auditories like to hear those words!

Does she love music - well that's an easy one it's a CD or concert tickets! 

Or would she really love just staying in, keeping warm and having a nice meal!

The thing is if she's into comfort and good food, jewellery will be a short lived "it's the thought that counts" present!

And of course, don't revert to chocolates if she's into keeping fit and staying slim!

For women who're more into feelings and emotions a hug and "I love you" will mean more than the most expensive red roses - but if she's very "visual" then the flowers will be a WOW.

For him the rules are the same. Visual (things that look good) auditory (things that sound good and that includes music and whispering sweet nothings!) or kinesthetic - feelings and emotions.

Not sure?  Buy flowers, gifts, "experiences" and hug and kiss and say "I love you".  Better to be safe than sorry!

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