Tuesday, 3 August 2010

3 easy ways to weight loss!

To lose weight you need to eat less and move more.

So that's easy....eat less than you did yesterday and move more than you did yesterday.

3 easy ways to eat less...

1. Don't have any fattening snack foods in your house!
So if you're wandering the kitchen looking to snack at 10pm tonight you'll have to have something healthy! Don't buy it - then you can't eat it!

2. Reduce by 10%
10% less sugar in your coffee, 10% less food on your plate, 10% less cereal in your breakfast bowl. You'll not miss 10% but over a week that's a lot of food!

3. Walk around the block
A five minute walk. A run up and down the stairs. If you work on the 4th floor walk up one floor and take the lift up the rest. Then the next day walk up two floors. Small bits of movement (let's not call it exercise, we don't want to frighten anyone!) all add up.
Is a five minute walk enough? Short term, yes! But at least it's more than you did yesterday!

4. If you must eat a burger only eat half the bread bun - it's not much, but it's better than nothing!

If you're ready to change your eating habits, once and for all, give me a call on 0113 380 1758.
Stop snacking - in one session! Lose 2 stone by Christmas! What are you waiting for?
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