Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A rather personal discussion!

The last few months have been really hectic here at Break the Habit as more and more clients stop smoking, lose weight and remove their stress and phobias!

But just for a moment can I ask for your help?

If you're a guy could you please go somewhere private and check your privates? And if you're a woman can you get your guy to check asap?

The reason I'm asking this is because my husband had Testicular Cancer two years ago. He ignored the lump for a few months because he was "too busy" writing a new novel. Fortunately he didn't leave it too late. Within days of visiting our GP he was in hospital. He lost a testicle to cancer but that's all he lost. Our lives were turned upside down but he preserved the most important thing - his life!

Men seem to know more about checking women's breasts than they do about checking their own balls! Now is the time to stop being shy. Stop being scared. Check!

Steven's new novel - a "ballsy" action thriller is now out! In his introduction he writes his own story. £1 from every book sold - which is most of his own profit - will go to the Everyman Cancer campaign.

If you'd like a good read - or want a way to get your partner/husband/brother/son to check his balls then please buy a book! It's in Waterstones or online here http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/book/9780956591401/Now-the-Killing-Starts

If you want to read Steven's story there was a piece in the Yorkshire Post here

For more information on Testicular Cancer go to Everyman here http://www.everyman-campaign.org/

Don't leave it too late. Testicular cancer has a 97% survival rate if found early. But the incidence of this disease, the most common cancer in men aged 18 - 44, is rising. Look after yourselves!
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