Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Do you eat nuts?  I eat loads!  So many people tell me they don't eat nuts because they think they're high in fat and therefore calories but there is so much research that says that nuts are good for us.  Of course the fat is natural, vegetable fat not harmful fat.

Many people eat nuts to help them lose weight and if you think about it, they probably lose weight because they replace harmful fattening sugary biscuits and cakes with the nuts.

I recommend cashews nuts as research has said they can have similar effects as prozac!

I also recommend pistachios partly because they come in shells and "peeling" them means we eat slower and chew more!

I just read an interesting article quoting research about pistachio nuts so I thought you might like to share it.

1. Eating two servings of pistachios a day lowered stress-related narrowing of arteries to lessen the load on your heart.

2. If you want to lower harmful LDL cholesterol and improve your heart health then you need the powerful anti-oxidants which are in pistachios.

3. Nuts are a good provider of monunsaturated fats which can help reduce fat stored around the belly.

So for health and weight loss why not try pistachios?  And remember they can be a healthy replacement for sugary snacks - but they must be a replacement!