Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Scientists in Mexico have found "the missing link" between breast cancer and alcohol.  Women with higher levels of a certain hormone are more likely to develop breast cancer.  Of course, the hope is that a test will be developed to identify those at most risk.  But really, is that glass of wine worth it? Or is now the time to take control of your drinking habits?

Go to www.breakthehabit.co.uk

Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Eggs

Have you finished eating your/your children's Easter Eggs yet?

Enjoy them! Chocolate that cheers you up is good for you! In fact, anything that cheers you up is good for you. If it doesn't cheer you up then it's not working. So stop doing it. And do something else!

If you enjoy a bit of chocolate now and then go for it! Just don't go mad!

If you're worried about piling on the pounds you just have to work or walk that chocolate off!