Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Getting the motivation to change!

How do we motivate ourselves to change?

Imagine you're sitting next to an iceberg (or maybe you're standing outside smoking a cigarette on a freezing cold, windy day!)  Now as you imagine can imagine it getting colder and more unbearable....and there will be a point where you just want to MOVE! get away from the iceberg, get back into a nice warm building!

THIS IS THE POINT where you're ready and motivated to change!

We call it "away from" motivation!  If you like you can call it the "stick".  It's too painful to stay where you are so you move...

Now if you're a smoker the motivator could well be the freezing cold - or the cough - or the realisation that you're wasting your time, your health and your money!

If you're overweight maybe the pain is greatest when you can't get your favourite trousers on?  Or maybe your knees hurt?  Or your kids tell you you're fat?

When this pain is great you'll start moving towards the change!

If you're not there quite yet then just imagine what it would be like in a year's time if you don't make the changes?  How "cold" will you be then?

Tomorrow we'll talk about "towards" motivation and the carrot!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Clear your cupboards, free your fridge, refresh your freezer

Coming soon!

In a first session with a client for changing eating habits and/or weight loss we always talk about healthy foods, additives, sweeteners and how to clear the cupboards of foods we simply don't need!

Well very soon we're going to be bringing this advice into your kitchen!

Yes - we'll not just teach you how to clear your cupboards - we'll help you do it!  We'll sort, sift, organise and clear so that you can eat the foods your body needs - and nothing more!  We'll help you to remove temptation!

Would you like advice while you're shopping?  We'll even come to the supermarket with you!

It's new - it's different - and it will help you get the changes you want even quicker an easier than before!

If you'd like more information about this super new service give me a call! 01133801758