Saturday, 19 July 2014

Why you don't need a gastric band (real or hypnotic)

Gastric bands.  The latest fad or the answer to all our problems?

This week the NHS have decided that more people will be able to get gastric band surgery to help them lose weight - and more and more hypnotherapists are offering Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.

But what is the real story we should be reading and learning from that's in the press?

Yes, it's the "new" discovery that we've been given the wrong information for the past 30 or so years about what really makes us fat!

The research has been done.  Again.  The books are being written.  Again.  But this time it's finally the answer that some of us have been talking about for the past 30 years! And what is this major piece of information?

It's sugar that is making us fat.  Not fat.  Sugar.

Yes, I will say it again.

It's sugar that is making us fat.  Not fat.  Sugar.

Yes it seems that all those sugar laden cakes, biscuits, ready meals, take-aways, high carb-low-fat diets have actually made us fat! Well not me actually!

Because I knew all along what we all knew all along.  That you simply can't snack every day on sugary foods and stuff yourself with breads, pastries and pies and not get fat!  Or at least very unhealthy!

Now I'm not a nutritionist.  I haven't studied to be a chef.  OK I did Domestic Science at 'O' level (yes I am that old) but what I have done is a lot of reading.  And I've worked with a lot of overweight, unhealthy clients.

And that's where we need to really focus. Health. Because a gastric band will only stop you eating large quantities of food.  A hypnotic gastric band will make you feel full quicker.  But neither will help you eat healthy food.

So here's why you don't need a gastric band or a hypnotic gastric band, or a gastric by-pass, or a gastric balloon or a gastric anything!

You just need to eat healthy foods in moderate amounts.  I know that isn't as easy as it sounds but that's what I help my clients to do! In a nutshell don't eat too many things which have labels. Eat fresh.  Cook from scratch.  Extras should be exactly that extras not everyday occurrences.  Cakes and biscuits, puddings and pies need to go back to being treats not part of every day's food intake.

By changing to healthy foods (and moving more - but more on that later) then we can lose a couple of pounds a week.  And that's a good half stone a month.  So that's 6 stone in a year.  So how much do you have to lose?

Most of my weight loss clients are surprised when I divide how much weight they want to lose into 2lbs a week and come up with a result that they can be their target weight in just a few months!

Try it yourself.  A stone to lose?  2 months.  That's mid September. Two stone to lose?  That's 4 months.  That's before Christmas.  Six stone?  By next summer's holiday you can be in those shorts looking great!

But best of all you will be healthy!  Your blood pressure will be normal, you won't be heading towards diabetes and you will have more energy.

So no, I don't offer gastric band hypnosis.  What I can do is help you eat healthily.  Change what you eat, when you eat, how much you eat and, perhaps most importantly why you eat.

So if you're ready to change.  I'm here for you!