Thursday, 5 May 2016


Are you as confused as I am about the all the information coming out in the press about e-cigarettes?

I'm pretty sure I read a few weeks ago that the UK health supremos has decided that e-cigs are safe, they do not encourage younger people to smoke and they will be available on prescription becuase they do help people to stop smoking.

Yet today I read that the EU supremos (you are voting today aren't you - think of it as a practice for the "in or out" vote in June) have decided that e-cigs don't help anyone to stop smoking, are potentially harmful and most of them, particularly the flavoured ones should be banned!

Oh and packets will have to be a boring green or brown colour.  And you'll only be able to buy 20.  And a packet will be £25.  Sorry I made that up!  Or actually I didn't because that's going to be the price for a packet of cigarettes in Australia.

So I'm confused as a non-smoker. So how do smokers feel?  Ill probably.  Sick and tired too I bet!  But seriously, wouldn't it just be easier to stop playing this game.  Feeding money into the tax system and the greedy tobacco companies coffers?  Did you know that it's British American Tobacco that make e-cigs?

You don't need to put anything in your mouth for comfort.  I'm sorry if this is a bit confrontational but you're not a toddler.  Sensible adults are becoming non-smokers.  Because it makes sense. One session to stop smoking.  No confusion.

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