Tuesday, 31 January 2012

money, money, money

According to the Alliance Savings Trust if you save £83 a month for a child from birth into a pension (yes, kids can have pensions) the government will top it up by £250 a year and when that child retires (if they continue the savings) they will have the £1m pension pot they will need to live on!

Now of course £83 a month isn't much - or maybe it's a lot to you. If it isn't a lot you'll thin well, we'll get around to it sometime! If it's a lot to you then maybe you'll put it off too?

But hey, it's 12 packets of cigarettes! So if you stop smoking you can save for 2 kids and still have about £40 a month left over!

If you need another reason to stop smoking - and for many people their kids are one of the reasons they want to stop - then how about stopping smoking now and starting a pension fund with your savings?

Of course you could also put it into a tax free ISA for yourself! If you smoke 20 a day you'll easily save £3k a year - that's more than half an ISA!

Or are you planning a cruise? Or a new car?

The real reason for stopping smoking is to stop it controlling your life - your health and yes, your money!

Whatever your reason, now is a good time!

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Or maybe

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Weight Loss Tips and Techniques

Whenever I meet up with a weight loss client we always talk about tips and techniques for losing weight.

Hypnotherapy is great for changing your mind and for breaking habits and the great thing about weight loss is if you combine hypnotherapy with common sense the weight drops off even faster and easier!

The latest piece of research on what can help weight loss is all about the colour of the plate!
It seems that people who ate of a red plate ate up to 40% less than those eating off blue or white.

The theory is that red is for danger and our unconscious will be put off by the colour. I agree don't you? I hate eating off coloured plates - any colour! But most of all I don't like red plates - food just doesn't look right on a red plate!

So if you need help to eat less maybe you could try it? Although I'm guessing it might be quite difficult to find a red plate?

Of course psychologically we seem to be programmed to eating everything on our plate ("there are starving children in the world you know, don't waste food"). Because of this another easy technique is to use a smaller plate. Your unconscious still feels satisfied as the plate is cleared - and yet you've eaten less food!

I'm off to find some red salad plates to sell on my website....

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Weight Loss Challenge

Happy New Year!

Or is it?

Is 2012 looking very similar to 2011 already?

Are you in need of a change?

Well rather than make big resolutions this year why not make small ones - just for today, just for now?

What can you do now that will help you change?

If you're overweight maybe you could plan a healthy evening meal - add an extra vegetable, cut a slice of bread or a potato. No, it's not much but it's a start.
Maybe you could run up and down stairs NOW! GO!

If the change seems to big you're less likely to start so why not look at what you can do now, today. Then look again tomorrow.

If you want to stop smoking how about cutting down half of one today. Then again tomorrow.

If you need to reduce stress stop. Now. Breathe. Breathe again. Breathe again. OK you can carry on now.

Take a quick and easy assessment of where you are now.

Check your weight and BMI (do it on a website it's much too complicated otherwise!)
Are you overweight? How much do you want to lose in pounds? Divide it by 2. This is the number of weeks it will take at 2lbs a week. Add a month to give yourself leeway. What will you be doing then? What will you look and feel like?

Need more motivation to take control? Is your blood pressure high? How's your cholesterol?
Is your resting heart rate between 60 and 79 beats a minute? Lower? Great! Higher? Your health is at risk!

Take one step NOW towards change. Tomorrow you can take another step!

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