Tuesday, 31 January 2012

money, money, money

According to the Alliance Savings Trust if you save £83 a month for a child from birth into a pension (yes, kids can have pensions) the government will top it up by £250 a year and when that child retires (if they continue the savings) they will have the £1m pension pot they will need to live on!

Now of course £83 a month isn't much - or maybe it's a lot to you. If it isn't a lot you'll thin well, we'll get around to it sometime! If it's a lot to you then maybe you'll put it off too?

But hey, it's 12 packets of cigarettes! So if you stop smoking you can save for 2 kids and still have about £40 a month left over!

If you need another reason to stop smoking - and for many people their kids are one of the reasons they want to stop - then how about stopping smoking now and starting a pension fund with your savings?

Of course you could also put it into a tax free ISA for yourself! If you smoke 20 a day you'll easily save £3k a year - that's more than half an ISA!

Or are you planning a cruise? Or a new car?

The real reason for stopping smoking is to stop it controlling your life - your health and yes, your money!

Whatever your reason, now is a good time!

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