Monday, 7 December 2009

Special Offers and surviving Christmas

I thought I'd start with the Special Offers so you don't have to trawl down looking for them.
What a nice person I am.
Book now for January to Stop Smoking or Lose Weight. Pay half the usual deposit before Christmas and the balance at your appointment and get £10 Cashback.

So now a few tips of how to cope at Christmas....

For my past clients the answer is easy - use your Stress Relief CD as often as possible to keep those stress levels down! That way you won't do anything you shouldn't (you know what I mean) and blame it on stress!

New clients can get a copy of the CD by calling 0113 380 1758 and ordering a copy for just £10 including p&p pr e-mailing

Tips for Health over the Holidays

Eat before you go out so you don't eat too much at that Christmas Buffet!
Have a glass of water in between each glass of wine - avoid the hangover and the empty calories!
Eat breakfast to get your metabolism going
Go for a walk - walk fast then normal speed fast then normal - to use up some of the excess calories
Never miss a meal. If you're going out to eat don't skip another meal - you'll just be hungrier and eat more!
When you're eating at home have loads of salads, vegetables and protein to balance off the Christmas junk!
Avoid fizzy drinks that are just sugar (or even worse aspartame and chemical sweeteners) and sip water throughout the day.
Have a glass of water first thing to wake you up (add lemon juice for an extra zing!)
Eat slowly, savour the food, stop when you're full (it's waste if you eat what you don't need or want).
Make yourself feel good and be grateful you're having such a great Christmas. Give to charity.

The big question now is "Will I write more before Christmas?" Maybe!