Thursday, 27 November 2008

Trying to change?

I just read about a follow up to a YouGov survey that was done last year for the World Cancer Research Fund.

You may remember the original research because many of the papers picked up on the point that we shouldn't eat bacon and other processed meats because they increase the risk of bowel cancer.

Well a year later a follow up report has asked how many people have made changes to their diet and lifestyles because of the report.

Of the 2,124 people surveyed 11% had said they had tried to cut down on processed meat.
37% of over 55s had tried to cut down - but only 6% of 18 to 34 year olds.
26% had tried to eat more fruit and vegetables and 18% said they had made more of an effort to lost weight.

Quoting from the AOL report: Richard Evans, head of communications for WCRF, said: "It is really encouraging that so many people remember our report and have tried to make lifestyle changes as a result of it. A big part of our work is interpreting the latest scientific research and then giving people the information so they are then in a position to make informed decisions. This survey shows that if people are told how they can reduce their risk of cancer then many of them will make changes.
"However, recent market research has shown that despite the wall-to-wall media coverage of our report, many people are still unaware of how things like diet and physical activity affect cancer risk. For example, only 57% of people are aware that having a poor diet increases your chances of developing cancer."

Now two things struck me when reading this. The obvious one is just how much do you have to tell people before they finally realise they have to take responsibility for their own health. Every newspaper, magazine and TV news bulletin covered this story!

The second is how often the statistics related to people "trying" to change. So it's quite likely that many of them actually failed to actually make a change - they just tried! As Yoda said in the very first Star Wars (when Luke Skywalker got his spaceship stuck in a bog) "there is no such thing as try. Either you do it or you don't"!!! So how many people actually did cut down and take responsibility? Really?

Stress Relief

Do you run a company with employees? Or perhaps manage a team? Are you and your colleagues stressed?

We're all under more pressure than ever before to perform well. At home. At work. Financially we have to get it right. And don't even mention Christmas!

Here are a few things for you as manager or director of a team (or as Mum or Dad) to think about.

Have you and your colleagues got somewhere to chill out? Maybe a small office or empty meeting room could be equipped with a couple of comfy chairs? Would you like a copy of my Stress Relief CD for your MP3 player or iPod? Cigarette smokers often tell me that their cigarette break is their only break in the day. No wonder they're so stressed!

Make sure your staff have access to water. A place for a break. And a proper lunch break. Time to eat. And digest. And think. I'll guarantee that the afternoons will be more productive!

At home a quiet room is essential. Away from the TV and games machines. A place to listen to relaxing music maybe - or my Stress Relief CD! Instead of getting home and reaching for the gin/wine/beer bottle why not reach for an easy chair and a glass of water. I guarantee that your evening will go smoother!

Breathe! It's what your body needs!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Red Bull and energy drinks

Tired? Weary? Ready for a pick-me-up? Red Bull anyone? Well when I see this I see Red and I think "Bull"!

A study in Australia has found that people who regularly drink sugar free Red Bull (that means laced with aspartame and other sweeteners) had a cardiovascular profile similar to that of people with heart disease!

Just one sugar-free Red Bull increased the "stickiness" of the blood and raised the risk of blood clots!

Only the other day in the paper I read about a teenage girl who was drinking 8 cans of this stuff - a day! Just the caffeine is enough to make you hyper!

Why put chemicals in your body if you don't have to? Stick to Green Tea or water for a healthier body!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Green Tea, sugar and 7 a day

In the last few days I have read several articles about the help that Green Tea can be for weightloss. There's a new chinese weightloss tea which includes green tea extract being advertised on the internet and research is being reported about how people who drink three cups of green tea a day lost more weight on a healthy diet than those who didn't drink green tea.

So if you're trying to lose a bit of weight then green tea could be a great help! It is also, obviously lower calorie than a latte (!) and full of antioxidants which makes it a good addition to your "5 a day"

Actually the "5 a day" is now "7 a day". I recommend 5 vegetable portions and 2 fruit as fruit is higher in sugar. Sugar is said to be one of the main contributors to ageing so avoiding sugar won't just help with weightloss it will keep you looking younger too!

Healthy eating is so easy! Make sure you have 5 vegetable portions a day, 2 fruit, 2 wholemeal (e.g. two slices of wholemeal bread, two weetabix or shredded wheat) and protein (meat, fish, egg, cheese) at every meal. Have the fruit and green tea between your 3 main meals and you'll never be hungry! Oh, and stop when you're full! And drink 4 or 5 glasses of water a day (assuming 3 green teas). And that's it.

Of course, if you find this too hard you can call me and come for hypnotherapy and NLP!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


My next business venture will be a stress-less consultancy for companies.

Everybody is so stressed at the moment with the economy; house prices are going down, food prices are going up, it's such a rollercoaster!

So what can you do to reduce stress at work?

Have you got a room where you can go for a break? How do you "get away from it all" for a few minutes - a quick ciggie outside???!!!

We all need breaks - but we need breaks that actually make us feel better!

The ideal would be a room where you can go to get away from the phone and the computer for half an hour. A comfy chair where you can sit and relax. And preferably an MP3 player with my Stress Relief CD on it! Half an hour of bliss!

But if half an hour is too much in your busy, busy schedule what about 5 minutes of bliss?
A room, a chair, a few deep breaths and maybe a little time taken imaging your favourite place, your favourite person, your favourite pastime. That would make so much difference to your productivity for the rest of the day!

If you're a boss please think about creating a space for your staff to rest. Please encourage them to take a break, a short walk, to eat a healthy lunch - away from their desk!

I read an article today about a wonderful way to de-stress - singing!

Dopamine is the substance that is released when we take drugs or gamble. But having sex (I shall recommend this in my consultancy practice!) and singing release dopamine too. And it gives us positive feelings - and drives us to want to experience them again and again! Endorphins give us a high after exercise and studies show that they are also released into the brain when we sing - giving us that tingling, pleasurable feeling.

Also singing releases nitric oxide into the bloodstream which lower blood pressure and combat harmful bacteria viruses. So singing really is good for you!

So a room, a comfy chair, a will you stress-less?

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Stop smoking discount ends soon!

If you're still undecided about stopping smoking with me then this is the time to give me a call and talk about your fears. Let's face it, most people are frightened of stopping smoking. What will you do with your hands?! What will you do in your breaks? What will you do without your "little friends"? Some people are so frightened they don't stop incase they start again!

What's your excuse for not stopping? Have you tried before and failed? Maybe the method you used just didn't work - patches 16% success rate, gum 12%, willpower alone 10%. No wonder people are frightened to fail again.

I am still offering 10% discount until the end of next week and have a few spaces left to fill. I'll even work on my "admin" day if you want me to!

Frightened of putting on weight? Here's a sneak preview of next month's Special Offer:

Half price weightloss session when you book to stop smoking in December. Or you can take a Stress Relief session at half price if your weight isn't your problem.

Call me - what have you got to lose?

Dr Inderjit Hunjan and hygienist Alison Holliday are offering FREE screenings for Mouth Cancer Awareness Week during a walk-in clinic at the practice - 14 Alexandra Road (Tel: 0113 259 0190), Monday November 17 to Friday November 21, 10am to 4pm, and Saturday November 22, 9am until noon. Full denture patients are also encouraged to take advantage of the screening.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Dying to be Thin? Lighter Life?

Yet another article appears in the press about the dangers of crazy diets!

This time it's LighterLife that is highlighted. If you haven't come across LighterLife it is a low calorie diet which replaces all meals with nutritionally balanced shakes. It is aimed only at those people who are extremely overweight. Unfortunately, these dieters survive on just 500 liquid calories a day and some healthcare practitioners are now saying that this is extremely dangerous. Starving yourself in this way loses weight fast - but also "depletes the protein and muscle of the internal organs" according to leading obesity expert Professor John Garrow.

Side effects have included generally feeling unwell, hair loss, menstrual disorders and inabality to concentrate and although people do lose weight some people have reported an unhealthy "dislike" of real food which has stopped them eating sensibly once they reach their goal weight.

I have had numerous clients come to me after they have lost weight with LighterLife because they have put much of it back on since returning to eating real food. Unfortunately, they have returned to their old, poor eating habits.

With hypnosis and NLP my clients get a choice about what they eat, how much and when, but have changed their feelings around food so they don't overeat, don't eat unless they're hungry and automatically choose healthy food. They are not "on a diet" just eating sensibly, losing the weight slowly and exercising to ensure their bodies stay healthy.

Many of my clients say that they have stopped obsessing about food, stopped worrying about their weight and stopped looking for comfort from food and trying to use food to solve their problems.

To remove the problem of obesity once and for all we need to start eating healthy foods in healthy amounts. We need to know what is healthy and what is not (back to Home Economics and Domestic Science is schools I say!). But most of all each of us needs to take responsbiliyt for our own health. Right Now. No more excuses. No more weird diets.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Mouth Cancer - free check up

Yes I'm still going on about Mouth Cancer!

The Alexandra Road Dental Practice, Horsforth, will offer FREE screenings for signs of cancer for the duration of Mouth Cancer Week - that's NEXT WEEK. The practice has become the first in the area to use a Velscope cancer screening machine - which can help detect cancer at an early stage, before it is visible to the eye.

Dr Inderjit Hunjan and hygienist Alison Holliday will offer screenings during a walk-in clinic at the practice - 14 Alexandra Road (Tel: 0113 259 0190), Monday November 17 to Friday November 21, 10am to 4pm, and Saturday November 22, 9am until noon. Full denture patients are also encouraged to take advantage of the screening.

I'm going to be visiting the practice to give advice about stopping smoking (and drinking) too so if you'd like to have a chat to me before you book an appointment give me a call or drop me an e-mail and I'll tell you when I'll be there.

Please tell everyone you know about Mouth Cancer Awareness Week and let's cut the "one person dies every 5 hours from Mouth Cancer down to something more sensible - preferably down to NIL!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Champix Suicides

The papers today are - yet again- talking about the controversial anti-smoking drug Champix (varenicline) which has been linked to depression. Health Chiefs are now saying that ten people have committed suicide after taking this drug.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency website says that 24 people have died whilst using the drug - 10 of them committed suicide!

Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers in the US have been banned from taking this drug.

Although a clinical trial lasting years and involving thousands of patients was carried out only about 24% of people actually stopped smoking. Whilst that's better than the 16% that stop with nicotine patches it's really not a very good success rate. In fact, isn't less than 50% success rate just luck?

Many of my clients often tell me that they are coming to me as a last resort to stop smoking. They have tried everything else including patches, Zyban (the other anti-depressant with nasty side-effects) and Champix.

Why not avoid any chance of side effects and jump straight to the easy, painless, drug-free option of hypnotherapy?

I'm still giving 10% off for November.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Pre-Christmas discounts for everyone

Pre-Christmas discounts for everyone

My diary is fast filling-up with smokers and drinkers taking advantage of the 10% discount for November so I'm now thinking of ways to offer a discount to those of you who are ready to take control of your eating habits!

While I'm thinking here's a few more tips on changing your eating habits.

Many people say they hate wasting food - so they put it on their plate and eat it! If their children leave food they eat that too! Are you one of those people who goes out for a meal and has to eat everything because, after all , you have paid for it? If there's half a glass of wine left in the bottle do you just have to drink it?

Well of course it is a waste to waste food and drink. But it's a waste to reduce your energy, weaken your knees and ankles and shorten your life by over-eating!

If you're one of those people who hates wasting food then here's a technique to use to help yourself reduce the amount you eat. Buy expensive food. Yes, that's right. Spend the same amount but buy a small amount of the absolute best.

Better quality chocolate, cheese and even cakes taste wonderful. If you buy the best you get less for your money, you get real taste so you don't need to eat as much and so you eat less calories!

Buy really nice chocolates and eat just one a day. SLOWLY savour the experience.

Buy good quality drinks. Drink them like a wine taster. Pour a small glass. Smell it. Look at the colour. Sip it. Taste it. SLOWLY.

This way you enjoy food for what it is - tasty and satisfying!

Overweight people think about food all the time - except when they're eating it! Then they're just shovelling it in!People who are "normal" weight only think about food when they're shopping, preparing or eating it. Which one are you?

So now I've decided on the Special Deal for weightloss. The Special Package of 3 sessions plus a follow-up already has a saving of £25 on the 3rd session and the 4th is free! How can I better that? Well here goes. The Special Package of 4 sessions PLUS a 5th session for half price when you book and take the first session before Christmas. This way I can help you keep control over the Christmas season and keep you "on track" in the new year ready forthe next swimsuit season! Please mention this blog when booking.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

credit crunch and christmas

Today's interest rate cut should help us all in one way or another if only the mortgage companies and credit card companies will follow the lead of the Bank of England! Oh well. Perhaps we shouldn't hold our breath!

Of course, if you've got savings or shares today's news will do you no good at all!

As we all look for ways to save money my clients are finding their pockets are getting heavier with the tinkling of change as they stop buying bars of chocolate and packets of crisps - not to mention the savings from stopping smoking!

I don't hold with the idea that we should all give up our cappuccinos to save a couple of pounds a day. I don't know about you but I think I deserve my cappuccino when I'm having a busy day! Of course, I do encourage everyone to make their own lunch but not to save money - to make sure what they eat is healthy and low in sugar and salt!

Money isn't a good reason for stopping anything - but it is a good reason for staying stopped as you get to spend the money on something else! So my advice is if you do decide to stop smoking then spend the first £25 you save on something nice for yourself maybe a new piece of clothing or a nice meal out. Then spend the next £100 on something really nice. Then spend the next £200 on something really nice. This way you give your "unconconscious mind" the message that spending the money this way is MUCH better than spending it on dirty, smelly, dangerous cigarettes!

The same goes for cutting out those unecessary snacks. Just one bar of chocolate and one bag of crisps a day can add up to £1 or more. What could you buy with that £30 at the end of the month?

If you are going to be buying presents for Christmas and are looking for a bargain take a look at this website for discounts and commission. Look at the top right hand corner to see how you can have your own website - and pass it on to all of your friends.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

food and you

We're coming up to the Christmas season - a time to eat, drink and be merry before starting yet another diet on 1st January!

What's easier than dieting; takes less time commitment than weightwatchers or slimmers world, cheaper than private slimming clinics and safer and less painful than surgery and a gastric band?
You guessed it - NLP and Hypnotherapy!

Really there are only two steps to take to lose weight:
1. Eat Less 2. Move More

There are lots of techniques you can start using right now to cut down and take back control.

Use a smaller plate. This way you can eat everything on your plate which will psychologically make you feel as though you've had a full meal.

If you're drinking have glasses of water in between alcoholic drinks. You will feel better because you'll be less dehydrated and you'll cut the "empty sugar" calories.

If you're eating out have a salad starter - you'll be less likely to want a pudding!

At home there's a really easy technique - if you don't buy it you can't eat it! Do your food shopping after you've eaten and don't even walk down the biscuit and cake aisles!

Buy more expensive, tasty things and eat smaller portions - taste the food! This is particularly good with things like chocolate and cheese.

We have just six working weeks until Christmas and someone asked me today if it was too late to start a weightloss programme! Certainly not! It's never too late to change a habit and eating and drinking habits are no different.

You can lose 2 - 3lb of fat a week so starting now could mean over a stone lost by Christmas - wow - how good would you look at your Christmas party!

Of course for many people Christmas means gaining weight! Three sessions over the next six weeks could ensure you keep control of your eating (and drinking) and don't gain any weight between now and the New Year!

I introduced a Special Package price for weightloss clients about a year ago and it's still 4 sessions for the price of 3. The processes I use help clients to eat and drink sensibly without dieting or feeling deprived - who'd want to diet or feel as though they can't enjoy themselves during the Christmas and New Year festivities?

How do you want to look for Christmas? Keep that picture firmly locked in your mind then book your appointment!

Monday, 3 November 2008


Welcome to my first blog!

I have started this blog spot to be able to quickly share information and special offers. My website has all the details of who I am and what I do.

So here's the first Special Offer!

16 - 22 November is Mouth Cancer Awareness Week. I have been approached by a local dentist to get involved in their week of raising awareness and so started reading up on the subject.
I was horrified to hear that someone dies every 5 hours in the UK from mouth cancer. So while you and I have done a morning's work someone has died. This afternoon someone else will die. This evening between you and me finishing work and going to bed someone else willl die.

Now we could start, right here and now raising money to help find a cure. Or we could focus on prevention. If you haven't already guessed it the main causes of mouth cancer are smoking and alcohol. So right now I'm offering a 10% discount on Stop Smoking and Stop Drinking sessions for the whole of November. I will also ask every client to donate £5 to a cancer charity and I'll match it.

I'll let you know the results.