Thursday, 21 July 2011

Who can Dukan? You can!

I thought I'd start by bringing you a media line on yet another new diet!

Of course you can Dukan - or du (!) any other diet but do really WANT to diet? Do you really want to have to remember to pack separate bags of oat bran, each with 2 tablespoons in, for your holidays? Oh, and don't forget the flavourings - "available from our website" to make your food taste better!

With Dukan you don't eat any vegetables or fruit for the "attack" phase - well I know what that will give you an attack of - do you?

How's this for a way of eating that you can do all the time, forever? Eat normally! Yes, how about eating 3 meals a day, occasional healthy snacks, plenty of healthy vitamin and mineral-laden foods and enough protein and carbs to keep you healthy and fit?

Wouldn't that be better than spooning oat bran into little bags?

If you need help to just eat normally and cut out the snacking and fattening extras then give me a call. I can help. You will lose weight but here's the difference. You'll keep it off because, as far as the eating habits are concerned, you'll keep it up!

To borrow another advertiser's favourite - Simple!
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