Sunday, 27 January 2013

Clear your cupboards, free your fridge, refresh your freezer

Coming soon!

In a first session with a client for changing eating habits and/or weight loss we always talk about healthy foods, additives, sweeteners and how to clear the cupboards of foods we simply don't need!

Well very soon we're going to be bringing this advice into your kitchen!

Yes - we'll not just teach you how to clear your cupboards - we'll help you do it!  We'll sort, sift, organise and clear so that you can eat the foods your body needs - and nothing more!  We'll help you to remove temptation!

Would you like advice while you're shopping?  We'll even come to the supermarket with you!

It's new - it's different - and it will help you get the changes you want even quicker an easier than before!

If you'd like more information about this super new service give me a call! 01133801758