Wednesday, 28 November 2012

It's in the press!

Yet again this week there are stories in the press about issues we've been talking about for literally YEARS!

The first one is about high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  Some researchers have been saying for a while now that this is an addictive sugar - if you have it you'll want more - and today's research highlights it's links to diabetes. 

Many food manufacturers have been remove HFCS from their biscuits, cakes etc. but it can still be found - so please read the label before you buy these high sugar manufactured "foodstuffs"!

If you want to cut your calories from sugar (and remember to always avoid artificial sweeteners) try Agave Nectar.  You can buy it in most supermarkets either with the other sugar products or in the "specialist" aisle.  A teaspoon has about half the calories of normal sugar and you can use it in your coffee and in baking and puddings!  So there's another easy way to cut calories without cutting taste!

The other piece of news today was about the research linking fizzy drinks to prostate cancer. In Swedish research the conclusion was that one "soft drink" a day can increase the risk of developing this cancer by 40%.

Now I always say - check the research!  For every piece of research saying one thing there will be another piece saying the opposite.

But whether it's added sugars like HFCS or just "fizzy drinks" it's got to be worth considering your options - for the sake of your health hasn't it?

What are you ready to change - for the sake of your health?

If you want some help then please call me!

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