Monday, 9 February 2009

The Weekly Blog! Still trying?

Well another week goes by! Snow, snow and more snow! Well it looks very pretty outside and I've been lucky that it hasn't stopped me getting to see my clients - or them getting to see me!
I'm off to Huddersfield this afternoon so watching the AA roadwatch CCTV cameras on the motorway very carefully until then! Isn't it wonderful that you can see what's happening on your route? Unfortunately, things can change so quickly as some idiot does something daft and causes an accident!
Some people will be finding it difficult to get out on the regular walks for fitness and weight loss in the snow and ice. This is why you need something in your home that can help you keep active! Exercise videos can be good - but what about just dancing around to the radio? Or running up and down stairs a few times? Or a bit of vigorous hoovering? Some of my clients have got the Wii machine (if you've got kids you may have the machine already) . You can get the Wii Fit and do yoga and balancing and if you're not used to exercise this is a great way to start.

I find my mini trampoline the best way of quick and easy workouts - some people like exercise bands - those long elastic bands that you can use instead of weights.

Whatever you do, do SOMETHING! It will help with weight loss, general fitness - and keep you warm!