Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Stay focussed for weight loss this Christmas!

Of course they're obvious!  Of course you've heard it all before!  

But here's the list of tips to help you get through the holiday season anyway - just give it a quick read as a reminder! 

Hints and Tips for Christmas and The New Year
       1.  Buy healthy snacks for times when you’re going to be too busy to cook.

       2.  Plan your eating.  If you’re busy rushing around the shops or wrapping presents yourself time to eat

      3.  If you’re eating alone make it a salad!

      4.  If you have a big meal (and a pudding) skip the next meal or reduce the size of it dramatically! If you’re used to having your main mean at night then a big meal at lunchtime will probably see you through to breakfast the next day!

     5.   It’s ok to skip a meal if you’re having brunch and a main evening meal!

      6.   Drink plenty of water to avoid tiredness, headaches, general bad tempers – and hangovers!

     7.    If you are drinking alcohol have a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink – and start with water, after all it’s going to go down fast as the first drink is usually about thirst!

    8.     Don’t worry about how many calories you eat in a day – just make sure you balance a week’s calories and you won’t put on weight.

    9.    Don’t weigh yourself between Christmas and New Year – leave it until mid January when you’re “back to normal”. Or if you’re one of those lucky people taking a holiday over Christmas or in January enjoy it! Get on the scales a week after you get back.

   10.   Enjoy the holidays – get out and about.  Get some fresh air and exercise

         This is two weeks of your life. Don’t let it change your goals

 Believe me, you will be the size and shape you want to be...deserve to be!

Merry Christmas!