Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Hints and Tips for stopping smoking

So now it's August and I am determined to blog more regularly!

Yesterday a lady cancelled an appointment with me to stop smoking. No, she hadn't changed her mind - in fact, she had already stopped! She told me that after our original telephone conversation she had realised how crazy smoking was so had just stopped! Now in a way I'm mad - I just lost money on that one! But I am also very pleased for her. And I know she will tell people about me!

So today I am going to help everyone who is thinking about stopping with a few Hints and Tips for stopping smoking:-

1. Make the decision that you are going to stop, no matter what
2.Plan what you’re going to do with the money instead – do small things so: With today’s saving I’ll treat myself to…; With this week’s savings I will treat myself to… Every time you get the treat you’re reminding yourself of how good it is to not smoke.
3.Do it NOW – don’t wait to a certain date or time, this is just admitting you don’t really want to do it
4.Throw away the cigarettes from your bag, car and house. Don’t keep any “just in case” as this means you’re expecting to fail.
5.Break the habit. If you smoke when drinking coffee, have tea; if you smoke first thing when you wake up or after a meal have a glass of water; sit in a different chair.
6.List all the reasons you smoke – stress, relaxation, and all the times you smoke – after meals, with a drink then ask yourself this question “Does it work?” The answer is NO!
7.Ask yourself “What is the upside of being a smoker?” and “what is the downside of being a non-smoker?” and then work through these answers.
8.Still finding it too hard? Call me on 0113 380 1758

If you stop smoking after reading this please e-mail me and share your success!

The next blog will be hints and tips for losing weight....