Thursday, 15 January 2009

Message to Self - and breakfasts

Message to Self: I must keep up with this blog!
Yet again, busy people haven't got time to blog! And isn't it true that, often, busy people haven't got time to look after themselves and their families properly?

Answer this question honestly. How often do you miss a breakfast because you don't have time? Occasionally? Once a week? Most days? If you want to become - and stay - slim then eat breakfast. Even if it's only a piece of fruit, or a slice of toast. This will get your metabolism working and, literally, break your fast! A working metabolism means it's burning calories and that's got to be a good thing! PLUS you'll feel better and much less stressed! If you get up and sit and eat breakfast with your partner/kids you will all feel better and much less stressed.

Ideal breakfasts include wholemeal toast (add a boiled or poached egg and make it even better) or a bowl of wholewheat cereal. For example, 2 weetabix, 2 shredded wheat, bran flakes are OK (Allbran actually isn't wholewheat) or of course, that wonderful, filling, cholesterol busting porridge! As always, if you're eating cereal read the label! Some cereals have more sugar than you want in your system so avoid them at all costs.

Oh, and cereal bars DO NOT COUNT! They are just a way for Mr Kellog's to recoup some of the profits they lost when so many people got too busy to eat cornflakes!

Eating "on the run" is to be avoided (see stress above) but better an apple and a few nuts in the car on the way to work than nothing at all!

More tips on getting slim tomorrow (or when I have the time!!)